IPIX 360° Images by John

Here's my collection of IPIX 360° immersive images taken over the past few years. Click on a thumbnail to open the IPIX image in a Java-based viewer. If the IPIX doesn't display, download the latest free Java from www.java.com.

Pasture May 30, 2005

Shaded Track May 30, 2005

Beaver Creek May 30, 2005

Pond May 30, 2005

Treaty of Holston Monument

Gay Street Bridge
Trainyard thumbnail image

Trainyard, Knoxville, TN

Southern Railway Station thumbnail image

Southern Railway Station, Knoxville, TN



Stone House

Citico Creek

Melton Hill Lake

Melton Hill Lake
Jernigan Stream & Pond thumbnail

Jernigan Stream & Pond

Alexander Motor Inn thumbnail

Historic Alexander Motor Inn 1, Oak Ridge, TN
Alexander Motor Inn 2

Historic Alexander Motor Inn 2, Oak Ridge, TN


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