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ARKION is a not for profit organization dedicated to producing educational multimedia including documentary films and video. Our current projects are focused on the history of science, biographies of scientists, and educatio


Martian in Motion: Leo Szilard

This 34 minute documentary video opens with animation and narration describing Hungarian-American Leo Szilard's discovery of the "bit," the smallest unit of information and points out the significance of this discovery to our modern "digital" world. The segment then presents Szilard's life in the context of the times from birth in Budapest, through World War I, his education, his work in atomic energy, and his later years as a visionary biologist. Interviews with physicists Dr. Alvin Weinberg and Dr. Frederick Seitz, and Szilard's biographer, Dr. William Lanouette, reveal eclectic Szilard ‘The Person’ as well as describe his diverse contributions.


Perspectives on Hungarian Education with Virginia White

At an age when most people have retired, Virginia White joined the Peace Corps in 1992. She was assigned to the eastern European country of Hungary where she taught high school English for the next 2 years. Fascinated with the country, Virginia stayed on as a visitor for another 6 years. During that time she witnessed Hungary's miraculous transformation from a repressed former communist satellite to a modern democratic capitalist country. In this video interview, Ms. White discusses some of her experiences and offers some comparisons between the communist education system of 1948 - 1990 with the changes beginning in about 1990.

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