John Fairstein Filmography

1969 - Encyclopaedia's Brittannica Films, Hollywood, CA
Where I got started in films by driving a truck from the studio to the lab. A great experience. Thanks to all the staff.

1970 - Goons by Lon Moore
I served as an extra (a goon) in this production. The film starred Sally Chapman, and was shot using a Canon Scoopic 16mm camera in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

1971 - Gangsters
I served as an extra in this production by wrecking a car on an icy country road near Yellow Springs, Ohio. The film was shot in 16mm and starred John Draper and Pat Morrow among others.

1973 - Various Francis Coehlo documentaries
I served on the crew and as a cameraman on Francis Coehlo's series of documentaries shot at Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, California. Francis assembled a crew from Antioch West College, and equipped a van with 1" video cameras and IVC decks. We shot on location for about a week. One of the memorable segments was "King of the World" about a patient who was certain he was King of the World.

1973 - Pacifica Community Television weekly entertainment show hosted by Tup Fisher
I served on the crew for Tup Fisher's pioneering entertainment show on community television in Pacifica, California. The Station Manager was Grady Hesters. This was a great program which featured various interviews and guest performances by local entertainers and bands. Thanks to Tup and Grady for putting up with me!

2003 - Pardon Me
I served as co-writer, star, crew, etc. on this video by Chris Wohlwend, Bill Armstrong, Benny Wohlwend, Chip Mahood, myself, and others. The film starred Roy and Nancy Scott, Ben Wohlwend, Chip Mahood, myself, and an assortment of other characters. This far-fetched comedy is based in part on Neptune Downs, a fictional neighborhood I created on the planet Neptune.

2004 - Martian in Motion, Leo Szilard
This is a full length DVD documentary chronicling the fascinating life of Hungarian scientist Leo Szilard. More information on this film can be found on the ARKION website. I wrote, co-produced, and co-directed the film with Bill Armstrong. The film was shot with the Canon XL1 camera and edited with Adobe Premier, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Apple iMovie. The film won the Audience Choice award at the 2004 Secret City Film Festival in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

2004 - Almost!
This video documents stock car racer Jason Mount's adventure at Atomic Motor Speedway in East Tennessee. I produced, directed, and edited this short film using a Canon DV camera and iMovie.

2007 - Twirling
This was a short film shown as the background of a poetry reading at an A1LabArts art show. The film was prepared from a number of clips I had filmed over a couple of years using the Canon DV camera.

2007 - Abducted!
A short horror film about a hand and a tomato. I shot this in candle light using the RED One camera in one take. Reworked for a more postive outcome as A Vegtable Affair.

2007 - In Sight
This is an ongoing production of a political thriller feature film. Produced by Jay Nevans and directed by David Rowlett (since resigned from the project). I serve as the DP, with Ben Smith and Lauren Finney as crew. Mike Stanley and Claudia Katz are the principal stars. You can see clips at In Sight.

2008 - Nearly Cooked
This film was a winner at the 2008 Marble City 10-Hour Film Festival. Co written, produced, and directed by Laurin Finney, Ardyce Lee, and myself. See the film at Nearly Cooked.

2009 - The Dragon

Take a trip on a motorcycle through the world famous Dragon US-129 with 318 curves in 11 miles. Filmed with the RED One camera strapped to the tank of my Ducati.
2009 - Get Up

This film was a entry at the 2009 Marble City 10-Hour Film Festival. See the film at Get Up!

2009 - Seed of Doubt

Mitch Moore won Best First Time Filmmaker at the 2009 Grits-N-Gravy Film Festival. His prize is 4 days of ThinkTank RED. See the great production action on FaceBook at Seed of Doubt.

2009 - A Sink and a Wink

Our entry in the 2009 Secret City Film Festival 7-day Sootout on YouTube A Sink and a Wink.

2011 - Highway Robbery

Produced from a screenplay by Peggy Mann.

2011 - Small Transgressions

Our entry in the 2011 Knoxville 24-hour Film Festival featuring the Baker-Peters Cigar & Literary Society

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