Adventures in Holography

What's that red background? It's a laser interference pattern!


Hologram Gallery

1973 Celestial Holograms

1973 School of Holography

1976 Scinithologram

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1976-77 Baltic

1977-78 Holographic Arts Company

Holography History Links 

Holography & 3D links by Alex Juel at Precision Photonics
Holography history site by Holophile with Paul Barefoot
HOLAROIDS Photos of holographers from SPIE If anyone knows where this link went, please let me know.
History of Multiplex by Lloyd Cross (1.8 MB PDF) Dichromate Holography
Lloyd Cross interview in Leonardo DIRECT-WRITE DIGITAL HOLOGRAPHY" by David Pizzanelli
Burton Holmes International and holography Holos Gallery
Double Cylindrical Point Focus site with history and photos A Brief History of Laser Light Shows
Jerry Pethick Obituary Stephen Benton Obituary
Benton Vision Photo Archive Wavefront Magazine
Guillermito's Personal Holography Museum Gabriel Lippmann Files
Holography History at Visual Alchemy Salvadore Dali & Alice Cooper Holograms
Steve Provence Obituary

General Interest Holography Links

Holography Forum
Frank DeFreita's Holoworld site How to Make Holograms site
Fabulous Hand Drawn Holograms site
Big List of Holography Links Holonet
Holography Handbook Mike Kan's Tinkerhack site
Sam Goldwasser's Lasers FAQs 21 Lessons in Holography

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