A Few Holography History Links 

History of Multiplex by Lloyd Cross (1.8 MB PDF) Loyd Cross Obituary
Lloyd was a prominent holographer who pioneered white light multiplex holograms.
Lloyd Cross interview in Leonardo Stephen Benton Obituary
Benton was a holography pioneer who invented the 'rainbow' hologram.
Frand DeFreitas HoloTalk internet radio show Many interviews of holographers.
Sharon McCormack Archives
McCormack was a prominent holographic artist who specialized in multiplex holograms.
Salvadore Dali & Alice Cooper Holograms Jerry Pethick Obituary
Pethick was a pioneering artist who experimented in a variety of media including holography
Gabriel Lippmann History
Lippmann invented color interference photography which is the basis for the 'reflection hologram.'
Margaret Benyon
Prominent English holographer.
Holography History at Visual Alchemy
Al Razutis essay on holography.
Tung Jeong
One of the grats, TJ was a passionate advocate for holography.
Guillermito's Personal Holography Museum
Large private collection of holograms.
Polaroids of prominent holographers by Mark Diamond
Holography history site by Holophile with Paul Barefoot Facebook Holography Forum

A Few General Interest Holography Links

Holography Forum
Frank DeFreita's Holoworld site How to Make Holograms site
Fabulous Hand Drawn Holograms site Al Razutis' Holonet
Big List of Holography Links Mike Kan's Tinkerhack site
Holography Handbook 21 Lessons in Holography

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