1994 Ducati M900 Monster

1994 Ducati M900 Monster

This 1994 M900 Monster is shown with Corbin seat, stock mufflers, K&N Stage II carb kit, K&N open airbox and filter, Bitubo steering damper, ClearView windshield, misc. carbon fibre bits, RKA tank/saddle bags, and Traveler's Club duffel bag. I rode and tent camped all over East Tennessee, western North Carolina, southeastern Kentucky, and north Georgia. Around 2006 I sold this bike to a fellow in South Carolina. I hope he has a much fun with it as I did.

Spark Plugs

Which plugs do you use in your carburetted M900? I'm used NGK DPR7EA-9 with a 0.7 mm gap and 89 octane fuel. The plugs occasionally foul in stop-and-go traffic, so I carry a brass brush to clean off the carbon. After one or two cleanings, I replace the plugs with new. I believe this fouling is due to an over-rich mixture at low RPM and/or low voltage to the coils at low RPMs.

Champion RA6HC 809 0.6 mm
Standard Ducati recommended
NGK DCPR8E (solid) 4179 0.024 inch $1.80 Standard Recommended by NGK USA
NGK DPR8EA-9 4929 0.8 mm $1.80 Standard Plug I used to use
NGK DPR7EA-9 5129 0.7 mm  $1.80  Standard Plug I use now
NGK D9EVX 2834 0.9 mm $5.99 Platinum Recommended by NGK Australia
$6.40 Platinum Listed at Red Racing Parts
$6.40 Iridium Iridium version of DCPR8EVX?
ND ND-X24EPR-ZU9 4097 0.9 mm $10.00 Platinum Recommended by Factory Pro
0.024 inch $23.90 Iridium Recommended by Ducati Garage

I tried the NGK DCPR8EIX Iridium plugs. They worked OK for about the first 100 miles, but then the rear plug sooted up and started misfiring. I got the same results with a wider than normal gap and with a spec gap.


I used to run Dunlop 205s but now I'm trying Michelin Pilots to see if I get longer wear.

Disabling the "Coasting Enrichener Circuit" or the "Anti-Backfire Valve"

Dave Mordecai recommended this modification to me, and it works well on my 1994 M900 with 38mm Mikuni BDST carbs. To eliminate the abrupt throttle cut-off when decelerating and to make the throttle modulate better off idle, disable Mikuni's Coasting Enrichener Circuit in the carb. (Note: read the entire carb section of the M900 shop manual -- these carbs are complex.)

Lead-filled Handlebars

Flanders Harley XR750 style bars

The stock bars cocked my wrists at a bad angle and were uncomfortable on longer rides. I installed Flanders Harley XR750 style bars. Flanders also supplied me with longer steel braided brake and clutch lines and a longer throttle cable. Juan and the folks at Flanders were very helpful. These bars are much more comfortable. One problem I have discovered is that it was necessary to file down the small dimple on the light switch and starter switch that fits into the small locating holes drilled into the stock bars. Don't overtighten the starter switch or it will stay "ON."

To reduce vibration, I inserted a bicycle innertube through the handlebars, then filled it with sand in the middle section and lead shot on the outer sections. Tie off the ends of the innertube and tuck them back in the bars. This lowers the natural frequency of the bars.


Guide Gear® Solo Bivy Tent Big Lots air mattress
6-cup Expresso Maker Wal-Mart Sporting Goods small cooler
Mexican blanket or military surplus down sleeping bag Small (Italian) aluminum pot and frying pan with lid
Alcohal, Magic Heat, and Sterno Stoves
Can opener, lighter, utensils , Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Soap
Traveler's Club Sport Duffel bag Boiled eggs, soup, carrots, apples, nut mix, soda, etc.

Cold Weather Riding Tips

Oil Cooler Shield -- So your engine oil will get up to temperature, cover your oil cooler when it is below 60° F. I cut a cover out of a Guinness Stout can using a pair of scissors.

Full Fuel Tank -- To keep condensation out of your fuel, top off your tank at the end of every ride. Close the petcock as you near home to empty the float bowls.

Fully Charged Battery -- Protect your battery by keeping it fully charged with a battery tender. I use Superior Electronics Accu-Charger. This seems obvious, but repeated starting in cold weather can run your battery down. Also my M900 alternator has trouble keeping the battery up when idling or at low speed.

Long Underwear -- Wear polyester or other synthetic long underwear that doesn't absorb water. This should fit close to the skin, so avoid a tee shirt.

NASA Space Socks -- These socks are woven with aluminum thread to reflect heat back to your feet. They are available for cheap from various outfits such as Sportsman's Guide. Wear heavy socks on top of the Space Socks.

Waterproof Insulated Gloves -- I found a pair at Wal-mart for about $7 that work great. The waterproof shell keeps the wind from penetrating. If necessary, get some NASA Space Glove Liners (see Space Socks above).

Scarf -- Wear a fleece scarf to seal out the wind around your neck. This has a huge effect on keeping you warm.

Jogging Pants -- To protect your legs from wind and rain, get some cheap jogging pants with a Nylon or other synthetic water proof/resistant shell to wear over your jeans or leathers. Mine are Reeboks for about $8 at a discount store. I've also seen them at Wal-Mart.

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