John Fairstein

I am fascinated with trying to collapse the 3D world onto a flat surface, yet preserve the visual cues that let us see in 3D.

Drawing – Pencil and charcoal pencil are your visual instinct’s friends. I prefer to work small so that I can be loose with line and tone.

Photography – Most of my images depict something unique, whether people and their creations, or nature. I urge you to look at each photograph individually. In black and white, I admire the old masters of human action Henri Cartier Bresson and Andre Kertez. With color photography, I grew up with Kodachrome, so I strive for rich color.

Painting – I have experimented with painting since a teenager. Agreat inspiration was Irving Grossman in Oak Ridge. My first oil was in 1967, but I played around with watercolors in the 70s. I took up oils again in 2000 under the artist Dean Fisher now living in Connecticut. I have continued my experiments studying with Kathy Holland in Oak Ridge. So far I have tried to achieve a 3D look with rich color and impasto.

Graphic Renderings – In the mid 1980s I began using computer graphics to produce posters, advertisements, and illustrations of products. Along the way I began to create some more artistic images using the almost infinite line and fill capabilities of the vector-based software.

Movies – In the last several years I have been working on movies, both my own and those produced by others. You can see examples on my YouTube site at

I am a native of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and emigrated to Knoxville about 25 years ago. I work in a variety of media including drawing, painting, photography, 3D imaging, graphics, video, film, and words.

I received my degree in Visual Arts from Antioch College with campuses in Yellow Springs, Ohio and San Francisco, California. My studies centered on 3D laser holography, photography, video, and the traditional arts. My classroom and co-op studies took place in San Francisco, Boston, Pittsburgh, Hollywood, and Yellow Springs, Ohio. My work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Stockholm, and East Tennessee. Here in Knoxville, I have exhibited frequently with, and am an enthusiastic supporter of the A1LabArts organization. I am currently concentrating on making movies.

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